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About US

KOOCUT Cutting Technology (Sichuan) Co., Ltd. is established in 21th Dec 2018. It is invested 9.4 million USD Registered capital and total investment estimated 23.5 million USD. by Sichuan Hero Woodworking New Technology Co., Ltd. (also called HEROTOOLS which is founded in 1999 ) and Taiwan partner. KOOCUT is located in Tianfu New District Cross-Strait Industrial Park Sichuan province. The total area of the new company KOOCUT is nearly 30000 square meters, and first construction area is 24000 square meters.

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  • Premium Steel Body
  • UMICORE Sandwich Brazing
  • CERATIZIT Carbide
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  • Premium Steel Body

    At KOOCUTTOOLS, we know that high quality tools come only from premium raw materials. Steel body is the heart of the blade, in KOOCUTTOOLS choose Germany Thyssenkrupp 75CR1, the outstanding performance on resistance fatigue makes the operation more stable and make better cutting effect and durability.

  • UMICORE Sandwich Brazing

    We use UMICORE Sandwich brazing. Automate brazing with a special silver-cooper-silver "sandwich" brazing compound yields excellent results and reduces the chances of failed welds. In addition, this combination of metals is critical during brazing because as the steel body and the carbide tipped teeth are heated and cooled. They expand and contract at different rates. The cooper layer acts as a buffer and keeps the carbide from cracking during cool down shrinkage.

  • CERATIZIT Carbide

    We use LUXEMBURG original CERATIZIT carbide, HRA 95. Transverse rupture strength reach to 2400Pa, and improve the carbide's resistance of corrosion and oxidation. The carbide superior durability and tenacity better for particle board, MDF, cutting. Lifetime is more than 30% compared with usual industrial class saw blade. We get CERATIZIT authority use original LOGO on saw blade and package.

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